MonoDevelop will usually let you start a program with or without it running in an external console. In MonoDevelop 2.8 on Linux you can control ...

Oscar Papel's Web Log: Windows.Forms and Mac OS/X

Как установить конструктор Mono Winforms на Mac OS X?

Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. Comparison of the Java and .NET platforms - Wikipedia On Windows, Microsoft's .NET is a popular desktop development providing both Windows Forms (a lightweight wrapper around the Win32 API), Windows Presentation Foundation, and Silverlight. Dokumentace pro Xamarin - Xamarin | Microsoft Docs Xamarin umožňuje vytvářet nativní aplikace pro Android, iOS a macOS pomocí kódu technologie .NET a uživatelských rozhraní specifických pro danou platformu. Xamarin.Forms umožňuje vytvářet nativní aplikace se sdíleným kódem uživatelského… Komponenty architektury .NET | Microsoft Docs Popisuje součásti architektury .NET, jako jsou .NET Standard, implementace .NET, moduly runtime .NET a nástroje.

KVR: KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2018 The KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2018 is the seventh free-for-all audio plug-in / audio application / soundware design event! Windows Media Audio - Wikipedia It is a proprietary technology that forms part of the Windows Media framework. WMA consists of four distinct codecs. The original WMA codec, known simply as WMA, was conceived as a competitor to the popular MP3 and RealAudio codecs. Mac Mini - Wikipedia

Running DiskDigger in macOS | DiskDigger $ sudo mono --arch=32 DiskDigger.exe. The "--arch=32" parameter is necessary because the Carbon driver for Windows Forms has not yet been ported to 64 bits. Considerations. Since the Mono implementation of Windows Forms on macOS is not yet completely mature, you may still see some graphical glitches or inconsistencies when running DiskDigger. FAQ: Winforms | Mono However, if your forms look bad on Linux because of this, they will also look bad on any Windows computer where the default font has been changed.) My multithreaded application crashes or locks up Mono’s implementation of WinForms does not support Forms or Controls being created on multiple threads. Porting Winforms Applications | Mono

You will, at the very least, want to try and avoid using Windows Forms, since that is just a paper-thin layer on top of the Windows native UI. Mono emulates it somewhat with help from WINE, but I wouldn't trust that. Mono did this a while ago but the effort was abandoned. See WinForms on Mono for more information. Thanks jpobst.

public static Platforms GetCurrentPlatform() { if (Environment.OSVersion.Platform == PlatformID.Unix) { if (Directory.Exists( "/Applications") & Directory.Exists( "/System") & Directory.Exists( "/Users") & Directory.Exists( "/Volumes")) … Mono for Windows Changelog Full list of changes in Mono for Windows releases Vyhledávání "SSD" | S Apple iOS (iPad) | S Google Android | S Microsoft Windows | S 3G/LTE | Příslušenství